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    I posted on Saturday telling the forum about how I've just bought a new Pre- Unlocked in the UK and using it on o2 alongside my iPhone 4 and got answers to some questions.
    It's been 6 days since it was delivered and setup now and I've just got some more questions and thoughts on it for the forums..

    - It's now got Preware on it, and that's amazing.
    - I still love even 1.4.5 more than iOS 4!

    I just wish I could use it over my iPhone 4 but there's some things stopping me. As an Apple person I've got MobileMe on my iPhone with seamless syncing, and I was wondering if there's any way to do this on webOS?

    Also, with my email on MobileMe , say I get 3 new emails, They come to my Pre, I read them and delete them (as so) but when I sign into Me on a computer through they're still in my inbox and marked unread - Is there anyway to stop this?

    And.. How can I get MobileMe contacts and calendars to sync?

    P.s. Thanks PreCentral Forum, SBpalmpre
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    I don't know what MobileMe is, but email syncs just fine on the Pre. I have a Gmail account and an Exchange account. Both of them sync fine. The Gmail and Exchange accounts use push tech so my phone does not have to query the accounts to get updates.

    One thing I like about the Pre's handling of email (among other things) is that all mail is consolidated into one area. That is, I need only tap my email icon for all my mail. My wife's android does not integrate email like this. I don't know how the iPhone handles multiple accounts.
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    I'm a Pre / Mobile me user, I just sync my cals / address book to a google account, this is pretty straight ahead to do, I'm not sure about your email issue, I use mobile me email and it deletes just fine? Is your setup imap or pop?
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    It's setup as IMAP I believe. And I'll be able to do the Google Account thing as soon as I get a new Mac this Summer. Til then I'm living off my Pre and iPhone 4.

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