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    Hi guys, I have a bit of a problem.

    Well, I have had google contacts for years and years, and when I got my Pre 2 years ago I set google contacts as the main contacts Sync, because a) i heard that the Palm Profile was sketchy and could delete contacts and b) i already had so many contacts in google already

    so, a week ago I decided to doctor my phone. I was already on meta-doctor 2.1, and I meta-doctored to 2.1 again. So just to make sure you understand, I did NOT upgrade from 1.4.5. I went from 2.1 to 2.1.

    so, now for some reason, in Google Contacts on the phone it says that all 541 of my Google contacts are synced.

    but, a lot of phone numbers are missing.

    I was worried that they were deleted but they are still on google contacts, but wont appear on the pre yet it says that all the contacts are synced.

    Before you go answering, all of the contacts are in the "My Contacts" section in Google Contacts.

    Also I lost a bunch of calendar dates.

    What is going on? HELP!
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    would deleting the palm profile backup and starting fresh (since everything is in google anyways) fix the problem??
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    For anyone who cares to know this was fixed by completely deleting Google from the accounts menu and reinstalling it completely.

    Please mark as solved

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