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    Hi everyone,

    Recently found a problem with my AT&T palm pre plus calendar. I tried setting a new calendar event called for example "eat dinner" and I've set it for 8:00pm and it should occur Daily. Alarm is set for "at start time"

    The problem i noticed is that it only reminds me on the first time the series occurs, but the next day it doesnt remind anymore. When I check calendar its there but doesnt remind me.

    When I open the event the alarm is set to "on start time" for that day and all occurences.

    Anybody have a solution? Kinda disappointing that a default program on a new phone doesnt work. I do love this phone but a reliable calendar is a must and it hasn't been reliable.

    I'm running the Latest Webos 1.5 for AT&T palm pre plus.

    Appreciate any suggestions/help
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    I had a similar problem a while ago. Did you make any changes to the event series since it was created? I had to delete the whole series and redo the event & then not make any changes. It seemed that when I go back into a series to add a note, change the alarm, etc., it often messes up the future alarms.
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    Thank you for the response. I'll try that now, I did edit this particular daily event but I don't believe I edited my weekly events which also doesn't work, I'l make a completely new daily event which will remind me in an hour and I'll see if it will remind me tomorrow too.
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    One doesnt even need to delete the event, just take the reoccurance off, save it, close the app, open again, put the reoccurance on again and save and you should be good.
    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    well guys, I've tried both suggestions and none of them work.

    New entries dont repeat daily.
    Edited Entries dont either.

    Should I try uber calendar patch?
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    My love turned to hate real fast, besides the nice games this Palm Pre plus f**king sucks and is a piece of plastic ***** in my eyes.

    I need a good business phone the pre doesn't come close, it's a toy for young teens.

    Calendar doesn't remind repeating events,
    The app catalog is pathetic and the browser doesn't even have flash or ability to scroll inside frames.
    I had a Treo Pro it was windows buggy mobile but it was functional. The pre has impressive hardware but just like the android they don't seem to have a good strong OS that just does what it's damn told.

    I've missed about 3 appointments, i'm very disappointed, just had to let it out.

    Anyone else trashed this phone and bought something better besides the Iphone? Iphone's good but not for me. I need a keyboard.

    Or was I just unlucky and was sold a garbage version of the pre?

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