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    Had my launch day pre almost 2 years completely patched and overclocked using the F102. So my phone started going into offline mode, tried doctoring but no luck. Took it in and they gave me a "new" one. The rep said it was not refurbished but palm gives stores extras for replacements. So I take my new phone home and spend hours recustomizing. The next day the up volume appeared to be pressed when it was not and volume indicator would not turn off. So another trip to the doctor with no luck. So I take that one back. They give me another "new" one and I spend another few hours recustomizing with patches etc, loading music contact pics speed dials etc....then tried making a call, the calls appeared to be connected but cannot hear anything in any mode such as Bluetooth or speaker. Person on other end hears loud static. Again, I doctored and no luck. Taking it back tomorrow for another try. Having a hard time believing these are not refurbished unfixed phones. Still love the pre! Hoping for the sprint Pre3 this summer!
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    Sounds like refurbs to me. I had similar experiences with 3 refurbs from the Sprint store. My last one luckily worked perfectly, other than a little oreo effect. Still running okay today. Nevermind the 4 cracks on both sides of the screen. Man I can't wait to get a new Pre3!
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    I am having a similar problem. I had a launch day pre for nearly two years and loved it. I had it patched running at 800 mghz and life was great. Then my brother pushes me into a pool with phone in pocket a few weeks ago. Ordered a new pre. Week later had to replace it. Got a 'new' phone, and got it all set up. A week later, the touchscreen goes out completely. It still displays everything, gets signal, but doesn't respond to gestures, touch, and the keyboard only takes the input about 1 in 10 strokes.

    I tried to doctor it, and the touchscreen still doesn't respond, and now I can't move past the English/Spanish setup page. Headed back to Sprint today.

    *sigh* Sometimes I hate loving this phone so much. I feel like I'm in a one-sided relationship, but I don't want out....
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    Go to the phone app....

    dial the following hash code:

    Scroll down and look for "RECONDDATE" and "RECONDSTATUS". If there is a date under "RECONDDATE" and the word "yes" under "RECONDSTATUS" then you have a refurbished unit.

    If it says "no" under "RECONDSTATUS" then the unit is new.

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