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    I'm sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, but after 20 minutes of searching, I havn't found anything. Thanks in advance for the help!

    I just got a replacement Pre (-) about a week ago. I quickly set it up with everything my other Pre had before it drowned in a pool during a family vacation (very sad). So, I installed preware, uberkernel, govnah, and a few other homebrew apps/patches; not a lot though. I had it running the preset 720/250 screenstate setting in govnah, and everything was working perfect the past few days.

    Out of nowhere (no restart, no new application installs), the touchscreen has become unresponsive and even the keyboard only takes about 1 in 10 keystrokes. It seems very laggy, and I can't figure out what is wrong. I thought about just doing a factory reset, but I can't even get the phone to be recognized by my PC (maybe because I can't click on the screen to set it at "Just Charge") through QuickInstall.

    I've done a few hard resets, the phone boots up and the display is working, but it doesn't respond to touch/gestures.

    Help? What do I do? I greatly appreciate the help. Let me know if you need any info. I'm running 1.4.5 on Sprint.
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    I've been able to load a random Google search on the phone (the keyboard still acting very strange and only taking a small and random number of keystrokes), but that's about it. I can't even toggle the screen at this point. The screen is just on and I can't toggle it off. Even the home button is working oddly -- it too is only responding to about 1 in 10 hits, but once it responds, the animation is pretty smooth. So the lag seems to be on the inputs, whether the home button, touch, gesture, or keyboard.

    This is incredibly strange. I still can't get Quick Install on the PC to notice it even though it is in charge mode.
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    After browsing more threads, I should correct myself and say that I've been doing 'soft' resets and haven't been able to achieve a hard factory reset through using the WebOS Doctor. I followed some instructions for getting the phone into USB mode (using the volume up technique), but the Doctor app on the PC quickly stops and prompts me that my device is not compatible with this version of WebOS doctor. I've never doctored a phone before, but it is just a standard Sprint Pre running 1.4.5, so I'm not sure why I would get that error.

    I greatly appreciate any advice or help.
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    Successfully Doctored the phone after some work. However, now the phone is at the set up screen and the touchscreen is still not working.

    Does that mean this device is officially dead? Has anyone else had a touchscreen lose all responsiveness like this before? The display is working, but it doesn't recognize any touches or gestures. I'll take back into Sprint tomorrow unless anyone has any great ideas...
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    Happened to me. The touch screen is dead. I had to finally give up my launch day Pre...
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    Sprint was actually willing to replace the phone for me (again). Unfortunately, I think these replacements are refurbs and not actually new phones. It makes sense, but I sure do miss my sturdy original Pre.

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