Last November I went down the "cool" path and switched from my Sprint Palm Pre to the hot new Samsung Epic 4g. There has not been a day since then that I have not regretted this move. Android OS is just not in the same league as WebOS. They may have a much larger app store than Palm/HP (still inferior in size to iphone apps), but how many variations on the calendar, to do list, etc do we need!!
Fortunately for me, the family member that I gave my Pre to is very willing to trade for this hot, new Epic...hahahaha. So, I will be returning to the WebOS world with passion and excitement.
Now to my point. Although I have been following PreCentral during this dark period of droid, I am still behind the curve. Is there anything I need to avoid or look forward to when I switch back over tomorrow? Updates? Good/Bad apps? Hot tips/tricks? I would really appreciate a bit of banter on the subject from the PreCentral family.
Looking forward to the Pre3 (hopefully)!!!!