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    SO I installed freeTether on my Pre- running 2.1 and it is SLOW over wifi. Very slow! Has anyone run into this problem or is it just me? It's the latest version of freeTether too! Here is a list of all the patches I have installed in case one or more of them are conflicting:


    Linux Applications:
    GNU Patch
    Homebrew JSJSJS $Service$ $Framework$
    Locale Support Infrastructure

    Add Roam Control to Prefs
    Advance System Menus - Framework
    Advance System Menus - Mode Menu
    Enable Media Sync
    Fixed Keyboard Brightness 100
    Muffle System Logging
    Roam Only in Device Menu
    Timestamps Clean
    Unthrottle Download Manager
    Video Downloads
    WhitePages Call Log Phone Lookup

    Would any of these cause conflicts or make is slow? results:
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    Network speed is dependent on tons of things - i.e. are you on EV/3G? What is your signal strength like? Run the speedtest directly on your Pre- and compare those numbers. In cases like this, it's impossible to diagnose the root of your issue.

    Also, USB is a heck of a lot faster than WiFi.
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    I'm on 3G and have 5/5 bars right now. I get 803 kbit/sec on on the Pre web browser. It used to be fast when I had Mobile Hotspot installed. (I remember at one point I got 1.81mbps down.
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    I second the extremely slow speed and frequent disconnects. Didn't have this problem with Mobile Hotspot on 1.4
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    I run my TouchPad through freeTether, on my Pre v1.4.5, and don't find it too bad at all. I've been using it for a week now and very rarely do I find the connection slow. I haven't used a speed test or anything, but the only time I notice is when the signal on my Pre gets down to the 2 bar or less range.
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    I second the slow response and disconnects with freetether. I am running a pre- and 2.1 on Sprint. Before, I was using 1.45 with Mytether with really decent speeds and no disconnects. All of this was over wifi with both of them.

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