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    Just noticed this great feature but in playing with it I realised that it was kinda flakey in the way it works.
    - Sending a text. The reminder chimes in AFTER the text has been sent!
    - Email. Nothing happens at all. No reminders at all.
    - Phone. Nothing happens. No reminders before or after the call.

    Are there any tricks in getting these reminders working?
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    works for me. It's pops up in the dashboard anytime my contact is accessed, text, phone calle, but I don't recall during email.
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    oh and if the reminder is already in ur dashboard, it won't remind you again. It will just stay there. If you swipe the away the reminder, then call the contact, the reminder will pop up again
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    That's weird. I'm on a Pre+ with 2.1, and it definitely not working properly on mine. Are you on 2.1?
    Has anyone else used this great feature?
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    pre - 1.4.5!! Fully patched thou. I'm toughing it out till I hear something about the Pre3. Works fine for me thou.
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    This works on my daughter's Pre- with 1.4.5 but not on my Pre+ with 2.1.
    That sucks...
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    worked for me on every device and webos version, but the implementation is like it's always showing up *too late when i establish the connection.

    •on call connection it pops up fast (at least on 2.2.4) but the notification is so slow before i can press it, so almost every time the contact is *already talking before i can read it. And whats even worse is that the *proximity sensor kicks in making it very difficult to change cards.
    -> would like a configurable instant popup of the card or at least faster notification popup cycle on the reminder popup

    • on message sending it pops up after having the message send *This is always too late as the message is already send and i would have to send another one with the reminder topic.
    -> reminder should popup after selecting a conversation, or typing the message in the conversation. On new message after selecting the contact in the newly typed message.

    • on sending AND recieving email there is no reminder at all, which sould be as this is stated in the contact reminder card. I have no patches that i know of that could prevent this popup on email .
    -> At least i should be able to configure this behaviour.

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