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    Anyone ever have their Plam just spontaneously log out from their Palm Profile? Last night while me Pre Plus was sitting on its touchstone charging (no apps running) it suddenly pooped up a message that I was disconnected from my Plam profile and my choices were to log back in or wipe all of the data.

    I chose the latter and about 45 minutes I was done resyncing to my profile. Preware was absent. Which I reinstalled and my UI tweaks said they were gone bt were actually there and running. It was a pain in the **** and aI was surprised how much of my settings were and weren't backed up.

    My big concern is understanding why this would spontaneously happen like it did. Palm things its a 3rd party app conflict. Which would make sense if I had changed something in the last month which I had not. The unit was runnng virtually unchanged for more than a month with no problems.


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