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    I have Slacker on my pre minus which worked well until about a month ago. Now it does a number of bad things, including slowing between songs, stopping completely, and not restarting until I reboot and sometimes not even then. Pandora on the other hand always works fine.

    Slacker help just advised me to delete the software and reinstall, which I have done twice.

    Any other thoughts? Or do I abandon Slacker?

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    Do you have either the Max Blocker or Ad Blocker patches installed?

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    If you don't have the ad patches installed and the reinstall doesn't work, probably best to abandon Slacker.

    I abandoned Slacker because:
    -it would log out randomly and I had to type my credentials in frequently.
    -The pause feature would not work properly (would pause, but not resume.)
    -it would freeze up and log out if I transitioned from Wifi to 3G mid-stream.
    -it does not support BT controls for play/pause/skip.

    It is unfortunate because I like the UI better than Pandora and I think the sound quality was crisper. I had contacted Slacker support and all they recommend is a reinstall. That doesn't work and it is an obvious way of saying they don't support WebOS. Haven't seen an update for it ever and there is a ton of room for improvement.

    Really looking forward to official app on TP and Pre3. Unofficial "" is buggy and apparently abandoned.

    I stick to Pandora, TuneIn, and Koto for now.

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    Thanks for the replies guys. No, I don't have that patch and it sounds like your issue is the same as mine. Too bad, because I also like the music I had created on Slacker better than Pandora, but so it goes.

    The Slacker tech support said there would not be new software until the Pre 3 and tablet come out, but as I'm on Sprint, I'm not sure that will do me any good.
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    Well, you never know, updates they make to their app on the Pre 3 could be back-compatible with 1.4.5, or you could upgrade your Pre to 2.1 via homebrew.

    I have a feeling with the release of the Veer we'll slowly start seeing more of these apps release updates, or more developers releasing new apps (such as the White Pages app).

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