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    i keep getting a call from a 800 number and im so tired of getting it 50 times per day. Is there a way i can block the call on my pre? I have webos 2.1 installed on my pre- by the way
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    I know on my Sprint pre- with 1.4.5 i added a contact named Do Not Answer and placed any number i do not want in that contact and good to go, try it out
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    so u are saying to name my contact 'Do Not Answer' just how you wrote it?
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    and when i name it like that any number i add under that name will get blocked?
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    i have like 20 numbers in mine and not one has made it threw
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    The Do Not Answer needs a patch to work. I'm not sure if it is available for 2.1 or not. I'm on 2.1 and I use Sconix's advanced patches. You can set the Do Not Answer contact to either go automatically to voicemail or have the phone auto hang up without it ringing.
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    so i need a patch? What... But i have 2.1
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    Yea. AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $the$ $only$ $way$ $to$ $block$ $a$ $number$ $is$ $to$ $install$ $Sconix$'$s$ $advanced$ $patches$ $via$ $Preware$ $or$ $you$ $can$ $try$ $calling$ $your$ $cell$ $provider$ $and$ $see$ $if$ $they$ $can$ $block$ $it$ $on$ $their$ $end$. Here are instructions on installing Preware in case you don't know how.
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    or if u have google voice u can set up a group (do not answer) and add all the numbers u want there.... then u set it to blok those numbers and its good =D
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    On Sprint, you can place voice and text number blocks via your online Sprint account.
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