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    My new-used Pre Plus (AT&T) is on a pay as you go plan.

    It is using up my limited data even when I am not using web or email (email is set to download MANUALLY)

    Any ideas as to what is doing this and can it be defeated?

    Thanks guys! Also, selling my Sprint Palm Pre...PM me if interested.


    Any idea what is doing
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    How many MB's does your plan have? Synergy will continue to synch your accounts. Email will be checked and come in if you have it setup. Also, your device gets regularly backed up to your Palm Profile. If you have location services on, it will report location data back to Google.

    Easy way to check is to see if your 3G comes on frequently by looking at the indicator in the upper right of the screen.
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    I thought these phones REQUIRED an unlimited data plan. Smart phones are always doing something in the background. As mentioned above, this phone does a lot in the background even if you dont see it.
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    Also the program netstat in preware will show you the amount in MBs consumed by wifi, cell and bt data.
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    thanks to all who replied.

    after researching some more, I have shut the Data On Switch under Properties. So far this seems to have halted the data usage.

    If this continues to work, then I can just switch it back "on" when I want to use web based features.

    As far as backup, this occurs daily when on wi-fi.

    and yes, Sprint and Verizon require the data plans, which is why I am selling my Sprint Pre as their prepaid (Virgin Mobile) does not accept any phone other then their own (tried the Samsung Intercept...piece of crap touch screen compared to the Palm Pre)

    But the AT&T Palm Pre CAN be used on their 'GO PHONE" prepaid plan.

    AT&T even tells me you can have the Palm Pre WITHOUT the data plan (although it was necessary to purchase at least one month at 4.95...just to have the Pre register and initiate a profile...could not do that with wi-fi for some reason...a Palm thing, not AT&T.

    Oh well, I will keep you all posted. This would NEVER have happened if Sprint would not REQUIRE one to buy their UNLIMITED plan at $70...I would have simply stayed with them and my CDMA Palm Pre.

    By the way, the $70 (and now they charge an additional $10 fee as well) is fine if you use the features enough...AND can afford it. But once I was layed off, $70 for cell phone use became silly.

    So now i am a happy camper.....$ .10 a min and AT&T coverage, which is messaging plans that are affordable and even data plans that are enough for my use...and keep my phone bill under $30 a mo.

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