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    As I wait to get a confirmation of the Pre 3 on Sprint, before that I got me some spare Pre's to have just incase we dont get it the Pre 3 on Sprint.

    I currently have 3 Pre-'s for Sprint. 1 is active and 2 backups. Myself, wife, mom, friend all have Pre's so I can easily pass them along if needed. But I needed the security of a few backups

    How many do you have?
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    2 SPres, mine is running 2.1, my wife's is still running 1.4.5.

    Hopefully, I will be getting a SPre3, my wife a SVeer, and 1-2 TPs.
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    I have 2...I want to sell my Sprint Pre as i just picked up an AT&T Pre Plus.
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    I have 2 Sprint Pre-'s, both running 1.4.5. I am the primary user, and my daughter just "adopted" my older Pre since her LG Touch broke. She says she's liking it. It's a little banged up (why I bought the 2nd one on eBay), so she can have my current Pre when the Pre3 comes out!

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    1) FrankenPre2 on Sprint

    1) Pile of parts from the FrankenPre2 project
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    2 Sprint Pres running 1.4.5
    1 AT&T Pre Plus running 2.0.1
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    I have 3

    1. Orignal Sprint Pre- from August 09 as a back up. Still in great shape except for the USB door missing.
    2. My wife's Sprint Pre- that I bought new on Ebay last October with 1.4.5
    3. A Verizon Pre+ converted to Sprint with 2.1.0 I really love this one.
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    5 Pre- and 1 FrankenPre Sprint.
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    3 pre +'s and 3 pixi plus's. Some good deals on ebay
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    Technically just one, but there are two Pre Plusses (that CAN'T be spelled right, but whatever) in my house since my wife has one. I'm running 2.1 and she's on 1.45 because she's scared to let me doctor her phone
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    Running a Pre+ on Sprint. Then I've got two Pre- husks laying around. I accidentally threw away one set of screws!
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    A bunch of them.
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    Why ask specifically palm pre's...What if...just what if..I happened to have multiple different devices.
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    - Sprint Pre (daily use phone)
    - Verizon Pre Plus (now in pieces waiting to plus the Sprint Pre)
    - AT&T Pixi Plus (unlocked)
    - unlocked Pre 2

    The Pixi and Pre 2 are development units. My Sprint contract ends in less than a month. Really hoping for a Pre 3 world phone on Sprint, but it might be worth waiting for HP to announce the next set of devices. The Samsung Galaxy S II also sounds exciting.
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    Pre2 and my Pre+ for WiFi only.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HardBeatZ View Post
    Why ask specifically palm pre's...What if...just what if..I happened to have multiple different devices.
    does this mean you have a pre3???
    because that would technically be an HP pre

    edit: oh yeah, I have 2
    1 is a sprint franken pre plus, the other is whats left from surgery
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    1 prprpr&#$275$;

    ...or is this thread only for owners of more than "one and holy"?
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    One Pre, waiting for another one to come in the mail

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    5 pre minus, and waiting to see hp make things right, that will determine my next phones. I have all 5 up and running.
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    I have two of them for my kids; they love Angry Birds, MiniSquadron & the WIFI!
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