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    Yeah, I have this problem that scrolling my contactlist is a pain. It's so super slow and laggy. I use Just Type if I don't want to scroll.

    Is there a solution for this, for example an alternative contactlist-app?
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    There are some contact list apps. Quick contacts, Super contacts and I think Pronto Dial.
    Haven't used any of them though.

    I find the scrolling a bit sluggish only when Preware is loading or if contacts try to sync at the same time (for example turning on Messenger). Most of the times it is OK.
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    Sadly to say, and please don't flame me, but it's the hardware of the Pre -/+.

    The same contacts list, with the same software, scrolls perfectly fine on my Pre 2.

    So it's A. Software that's unoptimized for the Pre -/+, and optimized for Pre 2 processor and B. Slow hardware on Pre -/+

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