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    ok hello!
    I have manage to flash my phone to Webos 2.1
    man the first thing I did was install Preware and installed f104a starfighter.

    wow its incredible! Only thing is that its not as fast as 1.4.5
    any suggestions?
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    That's definitely not my experience. Do you mean 1.4.5 OC'd to 1MHz? Does 1.1MHz show as the clock frequency in Govnah with 104a?
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    Have you enabled compcache?
    I suggest following the permanent compcache method mentioned in the wiki. YMMV with how much compcache to use, I have mine set to 65536 (64MB).
    If you don't do the permanent method it will reset to 10MB each time you reboot the phone (maybe even after a Luna restart, I didn't pay attention prior to making mine permanent).
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    I must agree. WebOS 1.4.5 is really faster than 2.1. The animations are not so fluid like 2.1 but everything else is faster and more stable. I had some issues with accepting phone-calls.

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