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    I tried to search in the hundreds of posts for the Music app, and not sure if this will be moved to the app forum, but I will post here anyway.

    Can someone please tell me why my MP3's on my phone in both the stock music app and the remix app do not organize my Artists correctly? I hooked my phone to the computer and went into the properties of every song I have (I mostly have DJ 1 hour continuous mixes, like electronic/house genres). In the properties, you can modify the fields for artist, title, etc. and put in the artist of that particular album, and name each album. I put all of the appropriate info for each MP3 I have and when I reopen the Music app, and search by artist, it still does not show them correctly. It shows some with the artist, and then a bunch under 'Various' and the names of the albums (songs) do not match at all the name of the file and the name in the properties that I entered.

    Where is the app getting the song/album/artist info from?

    Help please.
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    Do you have a "Album Artist" field? Some songs will have Artist and then an Album Artist field, which may be labeled Various Artists. Also, some files may have a Sorting field where the Sorting tag has something different from the default and affects how the file is sorted.

    I don't know you're using to write your tags, you may want to look at an advanced tag editor such as EasyTag.
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    There are programs that can tag your music for you. I use Media Monkey. It will tag your music so it will have the info no matter where the file goes. Some methods of tagging will only make the changes on your computer and wont follow the file if you move it to a device. Try using a program to tag your music.
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    You have to tag them with different software. Most everything I have used does not store ID3 tags correctly. MediaMonkey and Tag & Rename have proven to work for me.
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    Thanks so far guys. As for the person who asked what I use to Tag with, all I do is right click the MP3 in windows 7 (I also did it on XP to see if that was the problem) and then choose properties, then go to details tab (remember this is Windows 7's properties window) and left click in the fields and put the same artist name in the 'contributing artists field, the album artist field' and put the file name in the 'title' field and 'album' field.

    But I will try those programs you mention.
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