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    Email app only shows me new email notifications after I have opened it. When I do, I finally get to see all my new emails that my pre decided to keep secret. From then on, it will tell me about new emails that show up, until I restart.

    On a Sprint Pre with 2.1. My email is set to check for items 'as they arrive'.
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    are you using mode switcher or advanced email patches?
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    His Pre is keeping that information secret . . like his emails. Because it wants to. This I understand.
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    actually my email notifications have been spotty too for a bit now on verizon pre plus w/2.1, no mode switcher or advanced patches.
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    My notifications are spotty with gmail as well - pre 2 with no patches. Sometime just opening mail gets things back on track, sometimes I restart the phone. Exchange email on the other hand has been rock solid on notifications.
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    Buggy on wi-Fi, perfect on 3G. WebOS bug.
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    Unlocked Pre2 on T-Mobile - intermittent email delivery via Gmail - as items arrive - as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    are you using mode switcher or advanced email patches?
    I am. Advance patches. Just started modeswitcher yesterday so , that can't be it.
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    I have the same problem, it's pretty annoying. It does seem to do better on 3G though.
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    I'm having the same or similar problem. I'm on a sprint 2.1. My email is set to "as items arrive" as well and the notification doesn't show up except for every few hours. If I open the email app the emails all show up. Lately I've been just leaving the email app open all the time and visually checking it for emails. I have several patches but do not have mode switcher. Anyone know what the problem is?
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    same prob with gmail, vzw pre plus with 2.1, no email patches.

    also happens with the gmail calendar. I often have to restart the phone to get my calendar items to show up.
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    i have this problem intermittently also.I have also noticed on my pre on 2.1 that blink notifications has stopped working with email but works just fine with missed calls and gmail chat.Has anyone found a solution to this.

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