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    Hey everyone,

    Since webOS 2.1 was launched for the Pre Plus in Germany and the awesome people of webOS Internals made some awesome scripts that will help cook a Sprint doctor for you to run 2.1 on your device, many of us have been running 2.1 on our Sprint Pre-, Pre+ and Sprint Pre 2. One thing I noticed on my account after installing webOS 2.1 on my Pre- was an add-on called "Real Synchronization Prov - 0.00". I searched online and is seems like a few people have it on there accounts. Now I'm not sure if this showed up after I installed webOS 2.1, or if it was there before, or if it's totally coincidental! If this is an add-on that is specific to webOS 2.1, then that is a strong hint that some webOS phone running webOS 2.1.x is on it's way to making it on Sprint. So for those of you who are on Sprint running a webOS 2.1.x device, do you gys see the same add-on that I have?
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    I got this add-on stuck on my plan a while ago (before 2.1) when I called Sprint and asked for my MSL number.
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    Hmm, do you know what that add-on does?
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    It's posted elsewhere but since I didn't see one posted in here:

    It's for REAL network's ring tones. Stuff for you to buy!

    I removed it but I doubt it will have any effect.
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