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    I know this is an issue from looking around on the web, when the power button stops working.

    So i have read about the old paper , rubber band trick.

    However my phone has another issue ( i think) i remove the power button and press the micro switch with a pen or something and it makes no difference do im thinking , even if i try the paper trick it wont work as it maybe a fundamental issue witt the switch under the button?

    Any ideas
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    sounds like it's time to have the button repaired/replaced.
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    sounds costly
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    there is a homebrew solution . . .if you are able ~
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    I think that a Sprint tech can fix stuff like this for less than $50, and several have bought cheap devices on the internet to rob parts from. Here is a thread on this topic:
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    im in the UK and my phone is on O2
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    fixed it, i took power button off.. Blew hard down where it was . as i read somewhere else about this.

    And it all works again.

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