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    I'm a total newb when it comes to Palms so I am hope some people will be willing to chime in and share their opinions.

    The Droid X is my 1st smartphone and the 2 things that I enjoy most about it are the 4.3 inch display and touch screen keyboard. I enjoy browsing the android app store, and, after doing some research, quickly rooted my phone to enjoy custom apps, wifi tethering, and the ability to unlock it's full potential.

    Recently, Verizon and AT&T seemed to begin to take a tougher stance against unauthorized tethering and began blocking them from the app store. I know it is against the terms of the contract so I can understand their point of view. Luckily, such apps can be downloaded at other sources and installed through sideloading. And, as of now, Verizon has taken little hard action against those that tether.

    However, I wanted to explore other legitimate options, especially ones that wouldn't inflate my existing wireless bill.

    When I did tether my Droid X, I used it sparingly, not all the time or every month, and no more than 1-1.5 GB during the months I did. I reserve tethering for when I'm riding the train, staying in a hotel with no free wifi, or as a backup when my cable goes down.

    The original Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus, as I'm sure you guys know offer free, perfectly legal, sanctioned by Big Red, tethering up to 5 GB per month so I got one and plan to keep my Droid X as my primary phone and activate the Palm Pre when I need to tether.

    I'm not an Android fan boy and didn't come hear to pick a fight, but for me texting is so much easier via touch screen and also using voice to text, that having to use a qwerty keyboard on a regular basis, palm, android, or otherwise, seems a little oppressive.
    Then there is the issue of the smaller screen so I am not planning to give up my X anytime soon and really plan to use the Pre strictly for tethering.

    However, the specs of the phone are no joke with a 600 MHz processor and 512 DDR RAM and I've read that WebOS is superior to Android, which I like very much.
    So, I am a little curious as to the potential of the phone. If the phone is truly like a Ferrari, I don't want to be like the old geaser that just drives it to church on Sundays.

    I know that the mobile hotspot feature can be downloaded in the market and run on stock, but would rooting my phone enhance the tethering experience in anyway?

    Flashing and hacking is fun but at the same time, I still love my X and still look at the Pre Plus as just an means to tether freely and legally.

    I don't really use my Droid X much for conventional calling and prefer VOIP, SIP, Google Voice, Skype etc. so during the time that my X is deactivated, I am curious if it will easily be able to connect to the Pre Hotspot for short bursts If I just want to send a text through google voice or make a VOIP/Skype call.

    Has anyone noticed any performance issues when the phone is drawing data through the 3G radio and being used as a mobile Hotspot (assuming the phone can run apps and be a hotspot at the same time)? I'm only asking because I could easily see myself listing to slacker, pandora, tunein radio while having the Pre tethered to a tablet or netbook.

    Of course, if that proves to be a problem, I know I will also load my collection of MP3s to the phone so I can use it as a mobile music device whether it's data enabled or not.

    It doesn't even look like Skype is even available for WebOS (other than the b*star*ized verizon version ) and I assume Google Voice isn't either, so I won't have to worry about accessing those apps directly from the Palm.

    All of my mobile devices have the ability to connect to Wifi so the free Verizon mobile hotspot will work great for them. However, my desktop PC doesn't. I've been trying to see if the free mobile hotspot app will also allow the phone to be used as a USB modem but it doesn't sound like it.

    My options to overcome this appear to be:

    A) Purchase the MyTether app for Palm OS and pay $15. It's a fair price, but I know I'll only use it for my desktop computer and only when the cable connection is out--rarely.

    B) Use my Droid X and the previously purchased PDANet App.

    Palm obviously has a lot of popularity as a loyal fan base but I am still perplexed that the phones apparently didn't sell well to begin with and even more surprised that Verizon agreed to provide the tethering feature for free.

    With the Palm 2 and upcoming release of the Palm 3, Verizon obviously doesn't feel the need to be so generous. For people that have actually used the Pre as their primary phone, did you hesitate to upgrade knowing that your next phone would not offer free tethering?

    Finally, are there any like me, that have a different primary device and still activate their old Pre Plus or Pixie when they have the need to tether?

    I will definately have to watch my bill to see what happens when I switch between the Droid X and Palm Pre and back to the X. I doubt it will be more than several times per month, but it could work out to be several times in one day, depending on the circumstances.

    Any insight or advice is welcome and appreciated.
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    1. Avoid mytether. Use Freetether in preware.

    2. Are you stuck with at&t? The unlocked Pre2 would be great (and the veer). Pre2 on verizon is awesome.

    3. Tethering doesn't impact the performance of the phone, but it drains the battery a bit faster.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    1. Avoid mytether. Use Freetether in preware.

    2. Are you stuck with at&t? The unlocked Pre2 would be great (and the veer). Pre2 on verizon is awesome.

    3. Tethering doesn't impact the performance of the phone, but it drains the battery a bit faster.
    Agree with this.

    But, I will emphasize that you will be disappointed with the Pre Plus from Verizon, coming from the Droid X in terms of speed. Your best option is to the the Pre 2 from Verizon (FAST) and use the free tether program. However, if you use a lot of data, Verizon may see this and take you to the woodshed. ha-ha

    But, I just re-read your post and you said you will use the Pre Plus mainly for tethering? Well, the Pre Plus with the free Mobile Hotspot would be okay for that, if the DroidX is going to be your main phone. And music is fine on the Pre. Sounds good.
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    I agree that the Pre 2 would be faster. If you're using for hotspot, make sure to download govnah and see if your Pre+ will downclock to 250mhz to save battery. You can always OC safely to 1ghz if you need additional speed.

    Also, if you love music, I think it's pretty much necessary to download the 'increase media speaker volume' patch.
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    Pre plus from verizon is the only model offering free hotspot capabilities. However your experience will be so much better if you get a pre 2 and use the 'unauthorized' FreeTether program.. which has flown under the radar to such an extent that Verizon doesn't care about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by innocentbystander View Post
    Pre plus from verizon is the only model offering free hotspot capabilities. However your experience will be so much better if you get a pre 2 and use the 'unauthorized' FreeTether program.. which has flown under the radar to such an extent that Verizon doesn't care about it.
    Thanks for the suggestions. I'm glad to know that MyTether really isn't necessary when FreeTether will work just as well, and really one is just as unauthorized in Verizon's eyes as the other.

    It sounds like it should be pretty easy to install homebrew apps.

    Is this basically the same as rooting an android or jailbreaking an iphone?

    So once I allow homebrew apps to be installed on the phone, I can install the preware app and then install the FreeTether program, correct? That doesn't sound too hard.

    However, I was reading some info for FreeTether and the developer specifically says:

    It is highly recommended to remove all previous versions of freeTether and freeTetherD, as well as, Mobile Hotspot. Other tethering solutions may conflict with freeTether as well.

    I'm just curious to know if most people here have actually stopped or removed the free Mobile Hotspot app as recommended and used FreeTether exclusively?

    FreeTether sounds great and it's good to know that "it has flown under the radar" but it's hard to know if Verizon really cares or not. I know Verizon has seemed to have taken a stronger stance against unauthorized tethering in the android community by actively having tether applications blocked from the marketplace.

    My main reason for getting a Pre Plus and using the Free Mobile Hotspot option was to be able to be legitimate and play within Verizon's rules.

    Now, if it ever comes about that Verizon starts cracking down on android, blackberry, and iphone users for tethering, billing for data, canceling service etc and decides to (based on a smaller community of users maybe) give the Palm community a pass, that would be awesome.

    Now, i don't use a lot of tethering to begin with on my X, but would still like having a legitimate option (from Verizon's point of view) without have to pay $20 for 2 GB of usage on their official Mobile Hotspot Android app.

    Also, since WebOS 2.1 is not an unofficial update to the Palm Pre Plus, I am guessing that the Free Mobilw Hotspot would work equally well on 1.4 or 2.1 and I'm not sure what benefits I would get by upgrading to 2.1.

    I would also agree that there are superior phones out there and even current (Palm2) and future (Palm3) WebOS devices, but only the Palm Pre Plus and Pixie can tether legitimately and only time will tell how Verizon will respond to those who utilize other means.
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    FreeTether will solve your USB/desktop problem but It would probably be better for you to invest in one of these USB-WiFi adapters so you don't have to crawl around hooking up cables when you need to use WiFi.

    There are some Pre+ that can overclock to 1.2ghz but those seem to be the exceptionally strong ones. I haven't had one yet that cannot run F104a StarFighter Kernel at 1.1ghz which is a HUGE improvement over the stock kernel.

    There are lots of improvements you can make to a Pre+ but most of them will reduce your battery life so it is always a trade off.

    Hope your experience with Palm/HP is a good one! I am hoping for a new product release for Sprint soon because I love the OS.

    Hope that Helps,
    -- Kevin

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