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    Today being the savy person I am I decided to use the snap server at my work to swap my phone back to my old pre because my replacement was all glitchy(stutters and locks up for minutes) on me. went fine made my test call sent a few texts happy with the stutter free pre then I noticed I had no data. well ok call up sprint their only suggestion was a hard reset.

    NOTHING TO LOSE I figure so I do it. WRONG

    Poor old pre found it self convinced it was unactivated (and would never again activate). must be something to do with that 2.0 stuff i might have done heh.

    transfer back to the replacement cause I need a phone, that one loses data(also 2.0).

    so here I am doctoring back to 1.4.5(.1?) wondering is there a way not to brick my palm profile if I decide to stay on 1.4.5? if not oh well wish sprint would get me a new palm device id buy it outright at this point....

    Thanks for the help and for reading the rant!
    Life moves fast, don't miss a thing
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    Your profile will be fine, you will just have to go and download all your apps manually
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    well I cant sine into or make a profile, complaining about needing to be connected to my carriers network, going to drive down the rode and hope I pick up a better signal if not some poor sprint reps gona be getting me in the morning.
    Life moves fast, don't miss a thing
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    finally at 1am got it all sorted out back to a stock 1.4.5 for me for a while.
    Life moves fast, don't miss a thing
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    glad to here it! title updated

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