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    With the update appearing to be only bug fixes and right now my phone is working fine with 1.4.5, is there a way to prevent my phone from doing any kind of automatic update?

    I have a bunch of patches and an over clock installed and I could go through the usual motions on that, but since this update doesn't seem to do anything more than what I already have, it would seem easier just to keep it at 1.4.5 and wait to see if they ever decide to give us anymore major updates in the future. I also keep my phone on the touchstone, so I don't want it to accidentally update before I could get the overclock removed.
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    mine updated with OC'd and patched all up. I dont see any difference, or knew what the "bugs" were but I wouldn't worry to much about it. I dont think it'll update without you going to updates (someone correct me if im wrong).
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    what carrier is the OP on?
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    It's been 10 days since release, but my Sprint Pre- v1.4.5 still can't see the webOS v1.4.5.1 download. Have any Sprint users been able to download it?
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    Dont feel bad, I had to Dr my phone (I had and now I cant even get 1.4.5
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    Palm has not officially released a update so if any saw or got it was prolly a fluke. We'll know more what if does once Palm has officially released it.
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    Not to mention that presware does not work now too

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    [QUOTE=hk-usp45;2961627]Not to mention that presware does not work now tooQUOTE]

    Thats what my prob was. Preware wasnt showing anything I had Downloaded and couldnt get the Emergency patches, so I Doctored my phone, but now I cant get 1.4.5 on it.

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