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    I just got a new work phone and it is a palm pre 2 through verizon. So far I have mixed feelings about the phone. The main thing i am dealing with is I only have two sound options ringer volume and system sounds volume. If I get a new email or sms the only way i can really hear it is if the volume is near max ( i work in sometimes a noisy environment) But if i have that volume way p for system sounds then when i dial a number the touch tones are blaring and everyone turns to stare. Is there some way to separate or mute the dial pad numbers?
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    try turning system sounds off
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    How will that alert me of new texts and emails if that is turned off.
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    text yourself and see if you can still hear the sms with system sounds off
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    System sounds will turn the volume down when dialing a number and the camera sound. The ringtone volume is for your phone ringtone and txts. You should be fine if you turn down the system volume.
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    There's a patch in Preware that turns off the keypad tones and makes them virations.
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    I swear by the patches that turn off dialpad tones, and the one that turns off the tone when connecting the phone to power. Those should fix you up.

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