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    Hello Dear Friends...

    Today, the most favorite electronic device I've ever owned has passed away while working in my school's shop...concrete floors are not forgiving. While working, my Pre slipped out of my pocket and landed on the floor -no more than a 2 foot drop- but the screen crack, and spread, and now does not respond.

    My year and a half upgrade with ATT (at least that's what I believe it is) is still a ways off, so, in the mean time I need a new device.

    But before, I was curious as if I would still be able to make calls via the screen-less pre, if so, how could I?

    Also, I'm not looking forward to dropping more than $230.00 for a new device, so I'm at a toss up of buying a used Pre (if I can find one), trying to get a used/older smartphone of a different OS (which I can't seem to find for any reasonable price), or going back in time to get an older Palm device (I heard the "Treo" was nice, but which one is the best??? THere's so many!). Do any older Palm devices support ATT, what would you suggest? Also, what would you guys do?

    Anyway, I just wanted to throw my story out there, and also thank all the members who have helped me along in my short time here. I'll defiantly be sticking around! I just might not be seen until I get a new device.

    Cheers, all.
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    you should be able to type "phone" and enter to start the phone app. Then use the keyboard and enter key to dial. Not sure how to hang up. The good news is that you can get a Veer in a couple of weeks. Gorilla glass, rock solid slider, amazing keyboard, better battery life, etc. It's a great little phone.
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    Since your upgrade is quite a ways off I would be looking for a used webOS device. Having insurance would help but you didn't mention that as an option.
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    The Veer is defiantly tempting, however, by the time my contract is up, I think I'll be looking at a Pre 3, or possible a newer device (if one is released by then).

    And, yes, insurance is not an option -it wasn't a option to get it, the one supplying my service didn't want to pay the extra fee.

    Thanks for your comments, guys!
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    I'd just look on ebay for a used one. I just purchased 2 pre +'s on VZW for 23.50 and 22.50 each There are deals out, just gotta watch for em.

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