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    I am planning on buying a Pre2 and swapping my Pre - comm board with the Verizon Comm board from the Pre 2. I don't expect my Pre - to be able to function as a phone... But if I use it as a WiFi only device and create a new Palm Profile will I be able to download apps? I would like to download Pandora on it so I can use it as a Pandora only device for my home stereo.

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    Yes, you need to plug in the vzw comm board into the pre- and use meta doctor to build a wifi doctor, which will bypass the first use app, and let you create a new profile. then you can get into the app catalog to dl free apps. heck, put in a credit card and you can dl paid apps on it too...
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    Can someone point me to a link where I can learn how to build a wifi metadoctor? Thanks everyone.

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