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    Sprint Pre-
    10 days older than the warranty now =(

    I think my radio board just crapped out. I was using the phone and all of a sudden it wouldnt send or receive any more messages, it showed full bars, but no data connection.

    -First off, I went into the data settings and tried turning the data off and on, didnt do anything..

    -Then I restarted the phone, didnt even show coverage bars when it turned back on, and when I tried going into the data menu, all it showed was white, and it would freeze up.

    -After restarting the phone a couple of times and removing some patches didnt work, I tried doctoring. First I doctored to 2.1.0, but I couldnt get past the first use app because of no data and no bars. Then I doctored to 1.4.5 and same deal.

    Anybody have any ideas on what the problem could be? I'm looking into skipping the first use app right now, but I'm not too hopeful on that solving anything. If I cant get it working, i'm gonna go into a sprint store and see if theres any way they can help. Sucks being 10 days out of warranty =(

    Also, if the problem is not fixable, and if I can't be helped by sprint, anybody have any idea how to tell if it is the radio board that is the problem? I'm open to the idea of buying a pre+ or something and doing a radio board swap, if it is still good.
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    Try doing a "Secure Full Erase" on 1.4.5 from "Device Info | Reset Options". Then log in and give it a couple hours.

    That would be the last step (that I know of) you can do software wise.

    If it's not working after that, I'd call Sprint and demand they replace your phone. Tell them that the Pre- has known hardware defects, and that it is simply unacceptable for you to sign up for a two year contract with a phone and have the data connection break 10 days after the warranty expires. If you speak with the right person you should be alright.
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    Alright thanks. Ill try that out now.
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    Sprint will repair or replace your out of warranty phone for $35 no matter what is wrong with it. I had 1 of them replaced for a bad screen and another with a bad power button both were just out of warranty. I also had a launch day Pre with a bad proximity sensor and a bad speaker and it was replaced for $35 last month.

    Hope that helps,
    -- Kevin
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    Alright sweet. If this erase doesnt work, ill be heading straight to the nearest sprint store. 35 bucks is easy enough to take, thanks!

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