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    i dont know a whole lot about this web os homebrew apps stuff, but i installed it all and after a day or two my phone began running slow and lagging up. after that the battery went from 50 percent to 0percent within 10 minutes. now my phone is having problems charging and wont even turn on now even when connected to a charger. what should i do!!! please help me this phone is my life
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    Dude, There are thousands of homebrew apps and patches, etc. You're going to have to be a little more specific than that. Initially, if it's justpreware, that's not your problem.

    As for the batterypower problem. It sounds like the phone is defective, or the battery is. Time for a visit to the store for replacements...
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    Fast battery drain could be anything from how you get your email to a battery that is worn out and needs to be replaced. Can you start by telling us your carrier, model, webOS version, and list of patches, kernel, etc.?

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