This past week I had to replace both my wife's and my Pre Plus phones for keyboard problems. In the course of doing this I used a homebrew patch to email myself all of my contacts. My wife did notd. Both of our profiles restored - however my wife's gave her a lot of trouble and i had to spend a bit of time on chat with Palm to get that resolved.

Today both of us noticed we've lost some contacts. I have not used the vcard.vcf file that I emailed to myself yet - but I did open it in Excel and confirm that several missing contacts are in fact contained in the *.vcf file.

So what gives? The backup obviously worked to a degree but not every contact was restored so some things were lost.

Prior to this I had a problem where backup had stopped running automatically - but I made sure that I had run this backup a few times the week before the change and the changes lost are older than that. Since Doctoring and restoring the automatic backups are "working" but there is no way to know if they contain everything or not.