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    Well I decided to give Windows Phone 7 a try after the pretty disappointing news in February about webOS (nothing till the summer). I went and bought a Samsung Omnia 7. Its an amazing screen and the OS is very responsive but it really is nothing more than a feature phone. Any dumb phone will browse the internet and listen to music nowadays.

    Its USP is definitely the Zune and Xbox integration and the unique visual style of the UI. However the xbox live games are pretty shoddy. Most of them are ports of first gen iphone games but with poor control response. The fact that the platform is held back by requiring the original Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset with the Adreno 200, a GPU much less powerful than the PowerVR SGX in the Pre, is pretty ironic when you consider this is meant to be a gaming device.

    The Zune integration is nice but it doesn't really offer anything that Spotify premium and WiFi media sync don' ton the Pre except a lot of restrictions. More frustrating still is the inability to mount the device as USB mass storage and the infuriating 'reserved space and content from other computers' which magics away increasing portions of your already tiny 8GB.

    The UI is pretty and very very smooth but when you compare it to the design and utility of webOS it just feels like it has been designed entirely by an artist with no thought to actually putting the screen space to good use. Amusingly people often complain about the screen size of the Pre but when typing a message with the on-screen keyboard up on the 4" screen of the Omnia 7 only about 2" of real estate is actually usable.

    Finally the OS is seriously buggy. Its rare to go 2 days without it requiring a restart. I still havnt received the 'NoDo' copy and paste update because its been indefinitely removed from Samsung phones because it bricked several of them. The marketplace randomly decides to update apps for which there is no update. Most annoyingly there is no sort of back-up for your apps like on webOS or Android so if you have to hard reset you must manually reinstall everything.

    Anyway, this week I finally gave up, sold my Omnia 7 on ebay and got my GSM Pre- back out. Flashed 2.1.0 to it and I havnt looked back. 2.1.0 is a lot smoother although it does require overclocking IMO to prevent it hanging. The UI of webOS is still miles ahead. The form factor of the pre is awesome, I am still twice as fast on the Pre- keyboard than on the WP7 touch keyboard (WP7 has the best touchscreen keyboard on any phone).

    webOS may not have as many apps as WP7 or android but they are really high quality and since I've come back all the apps that were missing before have been released (apart from full quickoffice). The ease of homebrew and the support behind it on webOS is a massive differentiating factor on its own.

    Definately going to be sticking to webOS till its dieing day. Can't wait for the Pre 3 (or maybe veer if it is a sensible price/not 400 like pre2 :P)

    Thanks for being and awesome community and sticking behind this great OS x
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    Interesting story and thanks for the perspective. Haven't looked at WP7 much really, but then I don't really see them when I browse Best Buy and such...must be a Android and IOS sales environments. To be honest...I don't really look at much of anything beside my webOS device and find everything else simply ELSE. I'm also looking forward to a Pre3 or Veer if the Touchpad makes a big difference interface and otherwise. Thanks again, Sorli...
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    So I take it that you're recommending 2.1.0 for the Pre-?

    Could you tell us which overclock profile you are using? Uberkernel? Screenstate? Performance? 1000/1000?

    I'm tempted again to "upgrade" my 1.4.5 Pre- >_<
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    Quote Originally Posted by Furuboru View Post
    So I take it that you're recommending 2.1.0 for the Pre-?

    Could you tell us which overclock profile you are using? Uberkernel? Screenstate? Performance? 1000/1000?

    I'm tempted again to "upgrade" my 1.4.5 Pre- >_<
    I'm using UberKernal with screenstate 1000/500. Performance is very similar to 1.4.5 from what I can remember (e.g. Very good at 1ghz, laggy at 500mhz). Main difference is that scrolling is much smoother in 2.1 although that can be acheived with the reduced drag radius patch in 1.4.5.

    Hard to say if its really worth you upgrading your pre- to 2.1 if you plan to get the veer/pre2/Pre3 soon anyway. It is a big improvement feature wise but also requires a lot of tweaking imo to get everything working again after you switch to 2.1. (e.g. I couldn't get my contacts or calendar to sync or the us drive to mount at first. All working now though)
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    Before I moved to my Sprint Pre 2, I was using a Sprint Pre Plus and read an article on WebOS Roundup about voltage mods using Govnah. I'll try to locate that link, but after messing with it a bit, I got the phone to have great battery life, limited heat, and was very fast. I would highly recommend anyone using a Pre Minus or Pre Plus on 2.1 to really read the article in depth. It made my Pre Plus a beast...'s the link!

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    I also wrote an article similarly but unknowingly to the WebOS Roundup article.

    Changing kernel voltages [Tutorial] | WebOS World

    Kind of gives an in depth to Load Averages and how it affects performance of your phone(especially helps with webOS 2.x, because it's a much heavier OS on the Pre-)
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    Thanks for the comparison. I was thinking of switching to WP7 at the end of the year from my Pre- (cause of a pretty terrible digitizer problem) but this is a pretty good run-down of the differences. The larger-than-standard fonts are a bit of a deal-breaker - not a great use of screen real estate.

    Think I might just grab a Pre3 instead, I'd definitely miss the customisation and key features of WebOS (Just Type!)

    As for upgrading to 2.1.0 on a Pre-, mine is kinda slow and buggy at times. Overclocking is definitely required. I would downgrade if not for the hardware acceleration, Just Type and SMS backup. Pre+ should be fine.
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    been there, got the T-shirt.

    for all of WebOS' shortcomings, you just can't peel yourself away from its elegance.

    I'm still longing for an advanced video player that can play all kinds of formats and shuffle, and proper GPS navigation.

    I still carry a Windows Mobile device for those exact reasons. Coreplayer, and Polnav. Can't live without them.

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