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    Folks, my touch screen is not working. No gestures area, no dragging to unlock, nothing. Working on a long term fix, but need some short term advice.

    I need to be able to answer phone calls. I had the idea of using my bluetooth headset but I didn't turn bluetooth on before losing touchscreen functionality. Is there a keyboard command or patch I can use to turn on Bluetooth at this point?

    If not, any other ideas? Maybe a patch that allows me to slide the phone open and answer?

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    This page might help you: Bluetooth Research - WebOS Internals. The test app that that page discusses doesn't seem to be on 2.1, but maybe on 1.4.5. It may allow you to turn on BT from novaterm.
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    Thanks, I'll check it out.

    I've got my headset in as my fallback for now, but that won't cut it (I've had the same whacked out headset port problems that others have had).
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    Do you have touchstone? You can answer a phone call by picking a ringing phone off of the touchstone.
    Palm Pre 2 on Sprint
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    Simply open the slider to answer a phone call.
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    Good suggestion, but that doesn't seem to be working.

    I think it's related to the screen problem. The Pre is not sensing the slider action properly -- when I slide it open, I have to hit the spacebar before the screen even turns on.

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