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    Is there any way to use the phone without a palm profile or create a Palm Profile without internet connection? I bought a phone online but don't want to connect it to a cell phone company, but I can't use the phone unless I create a Palm Profile, is there any way to go around this?
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    You might want to look into the meta-doctor. I believe HP/Palm has a way to bypass the first use app in their official website. I'm on the road now so I don't have the links on front of me.

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    you can activate it using the palm bypass tool for wifi-only access. No voice or text, so it's like an pos with a keyboard.

    then get the first-use patch and it will let you create a profile over wifi. That gets you access to the catalog.

    ignore the metadoctor advice. In ths case it doesn't apply.
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    What if the OP has webos 2.1? I don't think there is a first use patch on 2.1.
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    For phones below 2.0, you can go to the palm's website and download the bypass activation tool directly from them. No need to doctor or meta-doctor unless you have to.

    If the phone has 2.x on it, just go into the place an emergency call on the phone and hit ##devmode# to get you past the activation.

    This is my understanding and if I am mistaken, please feel free to correct me. Hope this helps.

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