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    My Pre Plus started getting flaky due to a chunk taken out of the edge of the plastic. So...I called AT&T, and to my delight I was told I had could order the Pre2, which I did. I had wanted to wait for the Pre3, but the old cellphone wasn't going to make it until summer. Anyway, as I've been waiting for the new phone to get here, I got an e-mail from AT&T a couple of days ago, and it turns out that the Pre2 is not available on AT&T, and that they're sending me instead a refurbished Pre Plus. *sigh*

    Now that I've gotten past (not "over") the serious disappointment, I wanted to ask all you experts: Do you know a way to move everything (SMS, contacts, calendar, apps, etc. data) onto the new phone? I can use the data transfer function to copy my Palm Desktop info onto the phone, but I'll be missing the zillions of SMS, the extra contact info (i.e., spouse name, birthdate, kids' names, etc.), and other stuff that's on my old phone.

    In chat with Palm, they admitted that it's doable and discussed by third party websites, but that it's not endorsed by Palm so they couldn't give me more information. I figure that if I copy the content of the old phone via USB to my computer, I can transfer what I need to the new one. However, I don't know the locations where the various types of data are stored, and it's hard to tell because the data is compressed and so not obvious.

    Any hints would be greatly appreciated!
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    Palm Support : Palm Pre Sprint - Using Backup <--- go here

    A lot of what you are asking to back up is actually backed up on your palm profile (in the cloud), see what is backed up in the link above.

    One thing that I know that isn't backed up on webos1.4.5 and earlier is SMS, someone here might point you in the right direction about getting that transfered to your new phone.
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    It depends on how your phone is set up.

    1) SMS will not be restored. SMS history is only saved on 2.x and up.

    2) If you use the Palm Profile (not advised), your Palm backup will restore your Contacts and Calendar. If you use other sources, such as Google or Yahoo, the accounts will be on the phone, although you may have to log back in.

    3) Check out Save/Restore, which may have some scripts for the apps you use to save their data/configuration.

    4) Folders to look for in USB: DCIM, Amazon MP3, saverestore, appdata, and all folder with a name similar to an app you've installed. And of course, your own personal music/photo folders.
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