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    I use my Pre+ a lot. I mean a LOT. It's always in my pocket, and I'm constantly using it to check and answer emails, surf the web, or do whatever (read: Angry Birds). As a result, I go through my battery quite quickly. Today was a bit different though. I was volunteering at my kids' school today and between 8am and 2:15pm I was only was able to check and answer a couple of emails, and use my phone to check the time here and there. During that time I went from 100% battery to about 80%. I had actually been worried that my battery might die during that 6+ hour period. I'm shocked at how well it does when I just leave it alone

    There are some people on these forums who say they can go all day without charging. My suspicion is that they use their phones more like I did today. If I continued that usage pattern all day, I would have had quite a bit of battery remaining at bedtime.
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    With casual usage (emails several times a day, surfing a couple of sites here and there, few memos, some calculator use, etc...) I tended to get 6-8 hours of use before the battery would drop to 40% or less (this is where I consider it necessary to charge it) using 1.4.5. Since using MetaDoctor to put 2.1 on the phone I'll still have around 60% after 8 hours. What I have noticed today, because of the account credentials bug in 2.1, was that email apparently is a big hit on the phone and can greatly determine your battery life. When my email wasn't signing in all day (unbeknownst to me until I noticed my % of charge left), I was at 90% after about 5 hours of work. So when the email stopped pegging the 3G the battery life stayed up there.

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