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    Being a relatively new Pre user i want to get the PIM information on my palm desktop to my Pre phone so i dont need to carry my TX around so much.

    It seems from trawling the forums that there are 3 methods to sync locally to a Windows XP machine.
    Companionlink seems to be the closest fit for me as I am a big memos and tasks user which i believe outlook doesnt support while palm desktop does. However it only supports usb sync and with the Pre1 usb port reliability problems I would of liked companion link to have bluetooth or wifi sync capability.

    Pocket mirror uses wifi or bluetooth that is preferable to usb but only syncs to outlook with its memos/task support problems.

    So first up is my assessment of the current situation (above) correct?

    Are there any other options i have missed?
    or is there a workaround?

    thanks for your time

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