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    Hey guys I'm finally back to a Palm Pre. I had to buy an HTC Evo after my original Palm Pre got the dreaded Phone offline error and Sprint didn't want to exchange it for me because of a crack it had. Turns out my Evo is having was having problems so I just decided to by a used Palm Pre on ebay because of my love for Webos instead of fixing it and keeping Android

    But I'm actually having a problem, which I'm hoping i could get some help for. When I logged back in to the Palm Profile everything worked fine EXCEPT for the Apps. The apps don't want to update. I have a group of apps that are in need of an update and they won't. I go to the app catalog and they're in the process of downloading but it doesn't go anywhere. I'm thinking it might be because of an app that shows in the App catalog as supposedly updating but it's not there. It's just empty no picture, name or anything. Any ideas?
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    There seem to me to be two possibilities based on the information you provided.

    Sometimes the app catalog will hang on a download (I had one stuck for two weeks before I doctored). If you search there is a thread on here explaining what file it is that needs changed to reset it with something like Internalz Pro. It turns out it is pretty easy IIRC.

    Otherwise, I've had problems re-downloading abandoned apps (like PictureIt by Codinary) that have been removed from the cayalog. You can delete it so it won't try to update and once everything else updates, use DummyMaker (available in Preware) to create a dummy ipk for it that will update properly.

    Good luck.

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    Yeah that's the problem, nothing downloads.. I'm thinking it might be because of that app. I have just forgotten if the App Catalog downloads multiple apps at the same time or if it downloads 1 by 1.
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    From what I read, you can delete the database of which apps are being downloaded and make them download again.
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    Thanks a lot this looks like it's defenitely the problem I'm having. I look at trying this solution out.

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