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    Is anyone currently using Quick System Tasks?

    Does the loss of "real estate" having the QST icon minimized bother you?

    What do you use it for?

    Is there a way to make sure it opens everytime I boot up?

    Alternatively, has anyone added functionality (i.e. Data, roam only toggles etc) to the top bar instead or in addition to using Quick System Tasks?

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    I use it. I don't use the dashboard though. Instead I keep it on my quick launch and swipe to get it open.

    I also use mode switcher with it as one of my default apps. If you haven't seen MS you should check it out NOW!

    I also use the advanced system menus device menu, so yes, having radio menus on the top bar works fine.
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    I use Mode Switcher to open QST at boot up. You'll get used to having QST in the notification bar; it doesn't take up that much space.

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