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    My Pre- went into headset mode and would not come out of it. Tried restarting it and as I started a music player or made a call it would go into headset mode. Time for surgery....i opened it up to see if I could find a reason. I pop the headphone jack out and I looked @ the little prongs. WT???? I see that the lower two prongs are slightly lower than the top ones. I then pull (adjust) all prongs up higher than I guess...'normal'. Clean contacts with alcohol and the Pre- back together. If anyone tries this the phone will not fully close (without pressure)@ the top due to adjust the prongs a little higher.Just press it down and put a screw it. After I put it back together no headset mode now for almost three days....not even a call cutting in and out of headset. My phones music player use to pause when I closed it or tap the volume rocker.....all gone!! Sorry I didn't take pics due to the fact that the only camera I had was the Pre- @ the time. If anyone wants pics I can do that when I get back home on Monday. Like I said in the title.........Headset fix worked for me...and happy sooo far. My guess for the whole headset issue is that over time the headset contacts (if you use the headset alot) are pushed out further than the other contacts. That's if you use a headset with a mic ( there's and extra ring on the jack to allow two way communication (i believe that's how I read laymens terms) that's what's pushes the top two out more. So over time they make more contact and keep the headset contacts closed @ all times because the lower contacts have either don't touch or are overridden.
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