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    Mine said I only qualified for a Google Voice Lite account. People calling my Sprint number get sent to my Google Voicemail. I then get a text / email of the transcribed voicemail. I loaded Voogle to use to read / listen to my voicemails. I'm guessing the "lite" portion of my account means I can only use it for voicemails and not have it route to certain numbers during certain times of day.
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    So, I have a Sprint Pre-, and I want to keep my phone number, and I'd like to convert to Google Voice. What do I have to do?
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    Just did my Pre , that I flashed , to OS2.0
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    "Update: Sprint has confirmed that discounted accounts currently fall under the enterprise umbrella, which typically only includes corporate-liable and accounts paid by a government agency or other organization. If the customer is responsible for paying the bill but receives a discount, Sprint is working to make Google Voice available by mid-May."
    Google and Sprint respond to Google Voice integration issues -- Engadget
    Full story (Engadget)
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    Is there a particular thread for technical issues with WebOS/Google Voice integration? I tried calling Sprint directly, they're not really equipped to answer these types of questions.

    Since signing up to use my Sprint # as my GV number

    1. If I haven't used the phone for a while, and I dial a number or get a call, the number connects (according to the people I'm calling, they get a call but no voice on the other end) but all I get is an echo of my own voice on my end. On second attempt, everything is fine This happens about 1/2 the time.

    2. I have a voicemail icon that won't disappear (reappears after each restart) even though all my voicemails are read.
    I've tried "reset Voicemail Count" in phone preferences, tried calling Sprint to ask to have my account reset or my voicemails checked by them. They could only advise me to call my own number and use my PIN, which didn't work.

    Is anyone else experiencing these problems or familiar with a solution?

    (Sprint Pre- 1.4.5)
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    Well, well, well.... It wasn't working before and now it is working Sweeet!
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    [QUOTE=TreoRock;2949032]Anybody using youmail and have ported their sprint # to Google Voice? Will it work or cause problems? I'm using youmail with their dropbox service.

    So, I got Youmail/Google Voice working to send all calls to my Sprint Pre over to my iPhone4 using Google Voice. Youmail takes over from there and handles the voice mail messages.

    I tried to document this as best I could on my blog:

    Google Voice and Youmail - a how to.

    Hope this helps someone...I like the 2 serviecs working together. Still testing though...
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    Google Voice and Youmail do work just fine. I was using dedicated GV number and having Youview handle VM for my Sprint number.
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