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    I have like 3 people trying to change the account type. UGH! they said they can't do it. He said he couldn't match the 23% discount and make it a personal type. He also blamed the FCC.
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    I have a 25% discount and I've been running Sprint/GV integration with my Pre for a few days now, no issues.. just waiting on my GF to get an e-mail now.
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    Anybody using youmail and have ported their sprint # to Google Voice? Will it work or cause problems? I'm using youmail with their dropbox service.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jvai View Post
    in the attachment, those are the setting i use, to have the native palm pre messaging app send & receive mms & sms, i played & played around with that thing until i found the right settings... i need to make a youtube video as proof lol..
    Those are the exact same settings I have. Are you able to reply to an email address from sms? I get that error message 2135
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    I chose option 2.
    Here is a page that helped me tremendously.
    Google Voice on Sprint FAQs - Google Voice Help
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    Quote Originally Posted by TreoRock View Post
    Anybody using youmail and have ported their sprint # to Google Voice? Will it work or cause problems? I'm using youmail with their dropbox service.

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    I get my text messge from google voice but also use the Youview app to listen to the voice message. So to answer your question, no it doesn't cause any problems.
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    I have my Google voice linked to my sprint account since last year. I just did not want to use 1 phone number, I give Google voice to those I do not want to have my main number. I love getting my voice mail as text good for a laugh most times due to voice translation. I also have the option to listen to it if I want to.
    I had the Google voice added to my any 3 numbers for free and use gdial to dial out so my calls are free in the daytime, and the same when someone calls my Google voice number I love having the option to leave personal messages for select numbers calling me. I have had this use since last year using my Pre Minus with no problem and I do get discounts on my line.
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    I just checked and I got a message saying:
    "Unfortunately, Google Voice cannot be enabled on this Sprint phone. Please contact Sprint for details to why this cannot be enabled."
    I do get a company discount and I have not received the email yet. Sucks!

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    I got no company discount and I got no email. Supposedly, I'm Sprint Premier which doesn't seem to be worth much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by matteebee13 View Post
    Those are the exact same settings I have. Are you able to reply to an email address from sms? I get that error message 2135

    well, not exactly; it looks as if so, since it's threaded, like i have this friend who corresponded with me on one topic off & on throughout the weekend from his tmobile mytouch 3g to my pre, via gtalk & sms, TO ME, the convo looked seamless from the pre, i don't know HOW it looked from his mytouch phone...

    but to answer your question more direct; you can forward an sms TO an email just by tapping the sms, bringing up a sub menu to select an action.
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    I setup gv integration after getting the early invitation letter with my sprint pre with no major problems with a 25% discount account.

    I chose option 2, I've had that number since grandcentral and don't want to lose it. I have 2 major problems/complaints since setting it up and I think its related to choosing option 2.

    1. I understand not supporting MMS but when someone sends me one, the message shouldn't just be lost in oblivion. At least send a reply text to the sender saying something like "sorry this number doesn't support MMS"

    2. When roaming I cannot receive calls from my google voice number. Outbound calls show up as gv number and when they call back it never shows up on the phone.
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    It probably depends on the discount. My discount puts me in some public sector for nurses and whatever, even though it's a student discount in a non-healthcare discipline.
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    im not getting the option on either of my sprint phones listed on my google voice account

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    Man, that could be why I cannot integrate. I'm ok with that but please just list that in an exception category so I don't f-ing try to do the port 5 times only to get a generic error message.
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    I called Sprint and I was told that it didn't work because my phone wasn't an Android phone. Spoke with 3 different people and non of them said anything about my company discount. Could it be that I need to remove my Sprint number from google voice and add it again? How are you guys integrating your Sprint number?
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    Just logged into my GV account and was immediately prompted with the option(s) to port my Sprint#.
    The only discount I receive is for 10% belonging to a credit union.
    Not sure why others are getting denyed..?
    (using a Pre- 1.4.5)
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    It doesn't have to be an Android phones. There are people with Android phones getting denied.

    There are different types of discounts. Call Sprint and see what acct status your discount gives you. If you check the other thread in the CDMA section, someone got an email about all the different acct types that were prohibited from the integration and their student discount put them in a public sector blahblah type that was prohibited.
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    Okay so finally I got it working.
    My account was a government - individual account thus I was not eligible. I went and searched for some sprint discount lists and found a few. I contacted CS through chat and asked them if I was eligible being a customer for a few of them listed. Not ONLY did they do it for me... I went from 15% to 23%! Not bad... now public sector!

    update: maybe i spoke too soon... now its not recognizing my access code
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    Gotta stay in the "NO"
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    Gotta stay in the "NO"
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    I'd love to be able to see voicemail notifications on my palm pre and the voicemail count as well. But so far I do like the service.
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