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    While I loved, loved, loved my Pre it cracked along the screen in 4 spots so I called to have it replaced (on Sprint). Assurant told me that they had no Pre's to send me at this time so they offered me a Pixi. I said no thanks.

    I moved to the Epic but the operating system is nothing like WebOS. I miss it. The good thing is I didn't use an upgrade so if and when Sprint gets another Palm I can use the upgrade then.

    No I do think the droid system is a good system but just not what I'm used to although the manager at Sprint yesterday told me oh you'll just fall in love with the Droid operating system....I don't know I don't fall in love that easily.

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    hello, craig's list?
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    Yeah but I wanted to get rid of my broadband card and the Epic has hotspot so it saves me money this way. I could never get MyTether to work (wasted $15).
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    Mobile hotspot works better for me.
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    and freetether in the preware catalog.
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    Yes, Freetether works just as well as Mobil Hotspot for me.
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    I'll sell you a Plus'd Pre (for Sprint) for $100.. In great condition

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