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    i I found another thread on this but it was total gibberish to me--

    My usb port cracked and the cracks spidered throughout my screen, leaving my screen only touch sensitive in the upper left. I can't do much, but I can sort of access applications using universal search. the back swipe doesnt work, but the home button does. when I plug the usb in, i can't access the choices to go to usb mode.

    I just want to backup my contacts to a file and then wipe and toss the phone.

    At some point I did Konami root the phone, but I don't think any additional software is on it. I also tried that Cellebrite code thing ##66634# and it said it exported to file (but now I still can't usb mode it).

    anyone know a Terminal command or some way to mount the Pre onto my mac so I can back up my data? or at the minimum, access my palm profile and get it that way?

    with a broken Pre and a 3G iPad, I downgraded my phone, so I no longer have a sprint phone to get the contacts. I can SORT OF BARELY access my contacts one at a time if I remember them, using universal search, but I'd prefer a hard copy, even if I have to re-enter them one by one into my new phone. I do have a gmail account, so a way to sync them that way would be ok.

    thanks you all are the best, long long time reader and listener!

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    Please use search first!

    But in short,
    Press "orange+sym+u" on the keyboard while Your phone is plugged in to
    Your Computer.
    That enables USB Mass Storage mode.
    You find the Celebrite data under .temp as a vcf File.

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    i honestly didn't have a clue what i was looking for, turns out i just needed a key command to force USB sync in my case.

    listen, you probably took 30 seconds to reply to me, but you truly made a big difference in my week-- i was able to migrate all my contacts to google and from there to my new phone, despite a 95% useless Pre.

    ~~~~~~~~~ those are waves of good tidings
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    I'm having a similar problem, but my screen is cracked, so I can't click the CeleBrite Export button. Is there a way to manually select this via the keypad?

    Please Help!
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    Go here PalmDatabase.db3 File - WebOS Internals and look at the section Exporting Contacts to Google CSV file. If too complicated then the OP here made the process a tab bit simpler . I have never tried this on a mac, if possible but if your mac has dual boot for winxp or virtual drive of windows now is the time to use it

    Will need developer mode enabled on the device, praying you already did this before screen broke.
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