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    Hi, I've a palm pre and I donīt know how I can share multiples photos. I have tried to share using email but i must attach each in a long process... is possible go to gallery select for example 10photos and share it via email?.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I need this too. Last night I actually went to my computer to send an email to my phone with all the photos just so I could forward it. Lol.
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    at the moment it is one at a time. You can attach multiple pics to an email, but you are attaching them one at a time. Hopefully you guys have sent this to Palm as a feature request because it makes me crazy. I'm pretty sure that the 3.0 demos show selection of multiple photos, so I'm trusting that Palm will add that to webOS 2.x because it's such an obvious need.
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    that would be great...i for one snap and send and video...

    infact video on the pre has wonderful share options build in...palm is on a good track already...
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    And any patch?, or is impossible. Now I have a lot of pics and I haven't the wire to pass it to my laptop or Picasa album..., any advice?, I'll have the wire on Wednesday next week but this is a "important" problem for me because is very slow or always depends of the wire.

    Thanks everybody

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