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    Hi first of Im very new to Webos and have just come from a Nexus S...learned everything to do with android only to leave it behind and go back in as a noob with the palm pre plus..

    Im currently on GiffGaff which runs off the UK o2 network and have installed preware with webos quick install..

    Have also overclocked to 1ghz (WHAT a difference!)

    Now my question is do I need to root the device? Read some old posts regarding it? But if I can change kernels why root:S?

    Also Im currently on 1.4.5 is there any point in upgrading to 2.0? What benifits will I see? Any extra apps? Or will it run slower than on 1.4.5?

    Thanks for your help
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    You should not need to root the device. Preware and webos quick install take care of all the behind the scene actions for you.

    The Pre Plus will run 2.x fairly decent. There will be times when it lags but it will be minimal since the pre plus has plenty of memory. I personally think that 2.x is slightly faster than 1.4.5 the only difference will be on how you see the app catalog. Even though you are on 2.x, you may have to masquerade as 1.4.5 to the app catalog.

    If you are interested in upgrading to 2.x, I highly recommend reading this thread in it's entirety.
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    As long as you have Preware, there's no need to "root". I've had my Pre for over a year, and Preware is pretty much all I've ever needed. It's easy, and almost failsafe. There are numerous threads on what the difference between 1.4.5 and 2.1, just search them up and you will see.

    A couple of quick points on 2.1:

    Stacks -- your cards are organized like hands of playing cards, if you open say PreCentral, the Unofficial version, and then go into forums, and then click a link in those forums... all 3 pages are "stacked" together. You can arrange the stacks however you like, but stacks that are related, tend to automatically sort themselves together.

    Voice Dial -- takes a little to get used to. Not trainable, afaikafaikafaik ($yet$) $not$ $available$ $in$ $1$.$4$.$5$. $Cool$ $feature$ $that$ $I$ $never$ $use$

    Just Type -- there's a similar set up with 1.4.5, but has expanded tremendously. You can "just type" a text or email, as you are typing a bunch of lists pop up so that when you have finished what you want to say, you could send SMS, Email, Update Facebook Status, New Memo and on and on.

    Auto-correct dictionary -- The 1.4.5 version is infantile in comparison. The 2.1 version gives an audible "double-click" when you spell something wrong, where you can either correct it by tapping the word, or add to dictionary, as well as create your own shortcuts. This is one of the main reasons I won't switch back. Countless times, I type a message out without looking at the screen, and then I have to go back and spell check, not anymore, as, well I changed the double click to a Homer Simpson "I am so smart. S-M-R-T." I tend not to make so many spelling mistakes as people around me shoot me weird glances

    That's it in a nutshell, but there's more things that I didn't mention.
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    The Pre comes rooted, in that you have immediate terminal access. Just install the proper drivers on your computer, set it to developer mode, and you're good to go.
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    What do you actually mean by "rooting"?
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    webOS 2.1 all the way across the sky. I've also heard that adobe flash content is actually decent on 2.1 on the Pre+ I'm using an original Pre (or Pre- as its affectionately called here) and flash is nearly useless for me because of the lack of additional RAM your Pre+ has.

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