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    So I've had two refurbished replacement Sprint Pre's that had non-functioning external speakers - within one week!

    Curious if I just have bad luck or if others are having immediate problems with their refurbished replacement Sprint Pre's.

    Maybe since there's no more stock, these phones have just been refurbished too many times and they've started degrading in integrity? Sounds crazy but I could believe it.

    ..Ha, almost as if Sprint Pre's are like those 1950's cars they manage to keep running in Cuba.
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    I've had 7 (I think, lost count) refurbished Pres thus far and neither has come close in quality to the original, which I had to replace because of excessive physical damage (an untimely meeting with the dashboard of my car, don't ask... :P )

    Among the problems in my various refurbs: faulty proximity sensor, unresponsive touchscreen, volume rocker and/or power button falling off, low volume in earpiece, screen randomly goes black (that one happened on 3 diff ones), won't charge... just to name a few. Not all of these issues have occurred immediately, nor did I necessarily replace them when a single defect appeared. Also, I take good care of my phones.

    Most of the defective ones have come from Sprint. Once I was given one that looked like it had gone through heavy use (scratched screen and everything); luckily for me it wouldn't make a data connection and they replaced it before I even left the store.

    My current Pre, which I've had since mid-December and has been my longest-lasting refurb, came from Asurion.
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    The first refurb I had, from Asurion, was odd. They seemed to have fixed everything that was wrong with it except the oreo. I lost that shortly after it arrived, and when I received my next refurb, it seemed brand new. This was almost a year ago now.
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    Okay, I have a definitive answer for my original question.. I just went to pick up my third refurb in a row - only to have it completely shut down whenever you hit the Talk button.

    Yeah, many of the Pre refurbs are now coming back as total lemons.

    If you're picking up a Pre refurb, be sure to run it through phone, speaker and headset checks before leaving the Sprint service center!

    Good luck!

    ps, did I mention I'm now on my 12TH Pre??
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    When I contacted them about my USB door crack, Assurion told me that they didn't have any Pre+ units anymore. They offered me a Pixi+, and I told them to stuff it. Since I couldn't get anyone to give me anything better, I have to stick with my current phone and try to baby it until someone else comes out that I want.
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    Mine has a bum LCD, its yellowish and splotchy. Really bums me out because my July 2009 Pre was FLAWLESS. The USB door crack finally claimed the touchscreen though.

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