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    This afternoon, my Pre (Pre-, GSM, O2, UK, WebOS 1.4.5) was working fine.

    Just now, when I turned it on, most applications had lost their preferences. e.g. Carbon didn't know about my accounts, Notes had lost the notes categories (but not the notes themselves). In general the data is still there in apps, but the prefs aren't - I assume that these are stored in different ways.

    This has happened once before, months and months ago.

    Earlier today the battery ran down to zero and the phone shut itself down. It may have happened then, or it may have happened later. But the phone has run out of power plenty of times before without this happening.

    There is very little data loss involved, but it does lead to some hours of setting things up again, and thus is very annoying... any ideas as to the cause, or how to avoid it?

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    same thing happened to me (yesterday)... and as i also found out... you loose your alarms too. (luckily i woke up anyway)
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    If the phone abruptly shuts down without properly saving states, this could be possible. By design, the device will shut down just before the battery goes to true 0% to give it time to save states and properly shutdown but over time when the battery degrades this becomes less accurate. I just don't let my device go below 5% ever.
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