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    Thanks for the reply... I fear that also but was hoping there was some low level thing that I could do to breathe some life back into the thing. It had worked pretty well for a couple of weeks and then started just not connecting anymore to 3G. Trying to sell for parts now and then will probably snag a Pre2 since I'm not sure how long of a wait it will be for the VZ Pre3.
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    In the doctor, what is the distinction between resources/webOS/castlecdma_evt1_fw and resources/verizon/castlecdmafw-verizon_1.0.0-522_armv7.ipk? Are they both firmware files?
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    When I type

    PmLinuxModemCmd /dev/tts/modemdiag s

    Into novaterm, I receive

    "can't open /dev/tts/modemdiag open: no such file or directory"

    I'm gonna guess that I'm in trouble.
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    For that matter, exploring my Pre's /dev folder using Terminal reveals that there is no /tts directory (and thus no /dev/tts/modemdiag).

    There is also no /dev/ttyS0.

    I hope that's not bad.
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    I sent my Pre to Palm. They replaced a flex cable and it works again

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    You're kidding. How'd you do that?
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