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    I finally swapped out my Sprint FrankenPre Plus's keyboard to the old Sprint keyboard. I got tired of the skipped entries, duplicate entries, misspelled words, etc. I broke the screw in the upper corner of the phone while putting it back together. It is the one by the camera. Any suggestions on how to remove it? Has this happened to you?
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    That's a shame and no advice really just curious how it happened? Are the screws weak in nature and not able to handle much or do they just strip easily head wise?

    I suspect the plastic backing may have failed, but I'm interested in your input and others who have had similar problems with screws or ribbon cables for that matter. Thanks, Sorli...
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    I've taken apart many a webOS phones and I've never had that happen. This may be because of applying pressure at an angle, not using the correct screwdriver head, or possibly the screws being over tightened. I've managed to strip the head a few times, forcing me to use a larger (greater than T5) screwdriver before, but I've never managed to break off the whole head...
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    I've done this once by over tightening the screws. I couldn't fix it,so I bought a junk pre of ebay and scavenged it. You can get water damaged pres on ebay for less than 10 bucks shipped.
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    I used a T5. I was holding it straight up. To me it was not at an angle. The screws were a bit hard the first time I opened the phone. I did not apply much pressure. This was the last screw and the head twisted right off. I have opened a few other phones and this is the first time that happened. I bought it used so I do not know if it was previously over tightened. Thanks for the scrap pre suggestion.
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    Removing screws this small is obviously very problematic. Depending upon how much torque is actually needed to remove the screw and whether it's even feasible given your situation I've had luck with crazy-gluing the head of a nail onto the stump and then using pliers to unscrew it.

    With bigger screws, I have managed to drill a small hole in the stump and crazy glue a nail into the hole.

    I've used "professional-strength" crazy glue which is much stronger than the consumer stuff but comes with even more risk of permanently damaging things. You have to keep the vapors away from anything that will be visible since they can discolor most plastics.

    Personally, I would ignore the screw altogether and put a drop of plumber's goop (or other non-hardening silicon caulking) to glue the shell together at that point. This way it can still be opened (with great care) if needed.
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