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    I am occasionally experiencing delays having keystrokes appear on screen, and several times writing SMS's I've had a key stick (not physically) and the device delays then registers an endless series of that key until some other key is pressed.

    I have a Pre+ on AT&T at 1.4.5. I am also running Uberkernal with Govnah set to 500/800 (although it seems like every other time I check it Govnah has reverted back to the default...). There are perhaps 20 patches installed, but haven't installed anything for a while, and this problem has just popped up.

    The handset is physically in good shape (altho it has been through a few drops here and there). No keys have actually physically stuck, the device just seems to think that they have. Anyone know what this could be?
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    I would try running webos doctor on your phone. This has helped me in the past.
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    my pre- did that as well but is was intermittently though, it got annoying as it will stick and there will be 30 f's LOL
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    I get this problem periodically and a reboot always fixes it.
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    this just started happening to me for the first the past couple days. It also gets stuck in headset mode everday regardless of how many times I clean it. Just need my Pre to hold on until it's successor arrives.

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