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    I have the plain old Sprint Pre running 1.4.5, it's been running kind of slow lately but nothing out of the ordinary. Well today, I pulled my phone out and the screen wouldn't come on. I messed around and then the Palm screen up and the phone was rebooting. Annoying, but nothing I haven't seen before.

    Well imagine my surprise when the phone finished rebooting and I was at a screen asking me to choose my language. I was pretty sure I was hosed by this point and sure enough, my phone had just randomly reset back to factory settings. All my homebrew apps are gone, my pics, ringtones, settings, all gone.

    I'm deploying to Afghanistan in 2 months and I REALLY hope Sprint has a decent Palm/HP phone by the time I get back in a year. I hate to say it but my Pre now reminds me of back in a day when I was still using my Palm 650 then 750 while everyone else was sporting a shiny new iPhone.....
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    I came back from my first deployment to the release of the Pre.

    Hopefully you'll be as lucky as I was.
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    same way with my brother as he is in the german army, when he left the Military and moved here with me, when the pre was released
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