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    I've used mobile hotspot before but all of a sudden it's not working. I'm not getting the error that says I need an addition to my plan, I can turn it on and connect my computer but my computer just gets dns errors. Any suggestions?
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    Sounds like your provider has disabled using it. I had to have Verizon initially turn it on when I got my pre plus.
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    had the same problem with the wife's pixi today. i called vzw and got no help. i pulled out the battery with the phone still on and it seemed to fix it. it's working now. who knows....
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    Simple solution.....
    1. Delete MyTether
    2. Install freeTether
    3. Enjoy the internet!

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    where can i get Mobile Hotspot??
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    Thank you very much
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    You might try renaming your network name in the Hotspot app (just tap on the name & type a new one). Turn off your computer's adapter and then turn it back on & let it connect under the new name. When my connection gets super slow or non-reponsive, it sseems to set things right.
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    name change does nothing.... hmmm... crazy.
    i'm going to try to disconnect and rconnect it. we'll report back later.
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    I have Sprint, and the one thing I noticed that messed up my Hotspot app is when it asks you to update it after you install it in the app catalog. Just don't update it and you will be fine, or you'll end up having to reinstall it. That happened to me before. Now, when I update apps, I just ignore the mobile hotspot app update.
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    Works for me with freeTether without any problems.

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